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  • Landscape Magazine

    Thousands of bikers know Landscape Magazine (distributed for free through a large network of shops). Now the current 'owners' sadly don't have time anymore to continue the magazine. Luckily they have found a crew who want to take over and continue this great magazine. All they need now is your support to make it happen. So please click here and support the good stuff!


    We have a SUPER PROMOTION now on Dartmoor complete bikes. See available models below (click on the link for specs). Offer valid until Saturday September 14th. Limited numbers available, so be quick! 

    Dartmoor Shine: now from  € 1799 for only € 1349

    Dartmoor Quinnie: now from € 999 for only € 749

    Dartmoor Quantum: now from € 599 for only € 449

    Dartmoor Two6Player Pro: now from € 1159 for only € 869

    Dartmoor Two6Player: now from € 829 for only € 619

  • Free Race Face Atlas Handlebar

    Do you want a Race Face Atlas handlebar for free? Click the Facebook icon at the bottom of this page and follow the instructions! 

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Top-Notch Bikes, Frames and Gear

Canadian Dirt MTB Frames are the single most important element in creating the mountain bike of your dreams. A mtb-frame needs to fit your body and riding style both physically in terms of size but also in terms of things like head angle, rear suspension travel, and suspension geometry.

If you're someone who loves to ride tight singletrack you're going to want a steeper head angle, something that doesn't weigh 15kg and suspension travel right in the 100-140mm mark with geometry that allows decent climbing.

If you're bombing downhill and hucking big airs look for something that's beefy, has a slacker head angle in the 66-68 degree range to help keep the bike from being twitchy and look for fully active suspension in the 160mm and up range.

Find great deals on Canadian Dirt Bikes, Frames and Parts from manufacturers like Cove, Dartmoor, Blacx, BulletHD and many more!



Wanted: Cove movies
Reward: An exclusive T-Shirt

Cove riders love to do amazing things and we'd love to see that! Send in your home video and show off your tricks, stunts, jumps or funny moments. The real good ones will be rewarded with an exclusive Cove Bikes t-shirt. This is how it works: do what you're good at and make a movie of it, put it on YouTube and send us the link. To make sure it's original, write down 'www.covebike.eu' on a paper and show it on the cam. All movies are welcome, but only Cove riders can win. Now go out and play! (Don't forget your camera)



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