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This is always the hardest part, telling people about yourself. Let’s give it a try.

Canadian Dirt Imports is a young and dynamic company with a fairly simple mission: Get the WOW factor back in mountainbiking. A little piece of history: there were a few exclusive manufactures that stood at the base of the sport, back in the late eighties and early nineties their bikes were real head turners. With the years to come they have shifted from exclusive to main stream, stopping own production in the USA and Canada to move to the Far East, losing their company image to those who still care for real quality and craftsmanship. Only a handful high-end frame builders remain. Canadian Dirt Imports turns to this segment of the market because we want to make the very best products available to a bigger public.

The best components money can buy

 Nice, I hear you say, but how are you planning to do that? Let me explain: until now high end (hand built) frames were sold exclusively as a separate frame and therefore only available to the lucky few who can spend a top amount of Euros on building up a frame with top components. We operate as a small manufacturer and spec the best frames available today. Hand built Cove frames from Canada, with the very best components money can buy (and we don’t mean just the best brands, but also only their top-line of products). Because we sell these complete bikes directly through our selected dealer network, the end price for these bikes is much lower than when you would build one up yourself. Have a look in our “Build Kits” section and you’ll know what we mean. But of course we still sell frames too, for those who want to upgrade their current bike and re-use the components.

Next to Cove we import Dartmoor as well. This great Polish brand brings a wide variety of Dirt Jump, 4X, Slopestyle and BMX frames and accessories. Recently expended with some great DH/FR parts as well. All very well designed and great quality. And a new and upcoming star in Dirt is Nookie from the UK. You can get all their good stuff through us soon!

More great stuff

To complement our line of bikes and frames we carry Blacx Adjustable Seatposts. A must for the true All Mountain/Enduro rider and the technical XC enthusiast.

We also turned to another great Canadian company and Market Leader in their field: RaceFace. They manufacture the finest components and bike-wear you can find. Whether your style is flying downhill, cruising up and down the all mountain trail, ripping freeride parks or charging dirt jumps, RaceFace has the gear for you. Look for shops near you in our dealer section. And for the wider range in XC/AM and road clothing we recently added Inverse Cyclingwear as well. Next to an extensive collection they are big and well known for their custom made team clothing. So if you need customized gear, just contact us and we'll arrange it for you. 

And because hydration is important, we added Vertical-8 Hydrobags to our range. These great bags are made of the best materials and puts others in the shadow, price and quality wise!

Our latest product is something we don't import, it's actually our first own brand: Crash Gear! We wanted to make body protection also available for those with less money to spend or the ones that only go freeriding or downhilling a few times a year and don't want to spend hundreds of euros on protection. 

Basically we do not want to be the biggest, we want to be the best! That’s why we focus on just a small part of the mountainbike scene: the part where the real enthusiasts search for the real products. The hardcore bike freak looking for real quality will find us, proven by the fact that you are reading this right now.

We hope to see you soon on a Cove, Dartmoor or Nookie bike, wearing RaceFace or Inverse clothes (and Crash Gear protection of course!). Just having fun at what you do best: hardcore mountainbiking in any of its forms, knowing that your choice of bike and gear will make anything possible without letting you down! YOU decide what is possible, not your bike!

Phone +31 (0) 45 205 3910
Cell phone +31 (0) 6 1004 1615
Chamber of Commerce Reg. 14119293
VAT Number NL821039672B01



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