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Van Bommel Affordable Media

Nowadays everyone wants high quality video edits and photos of their riding adventures. But to hire a good photographer or videographer costs a fortune.....

Wrong! Van Bommel Affordable Media wil shoot your video or photos and edit them for one of the lowest prices in the business. They can also take your own video material and do the editing for you!! Best of all? The owner rides bikes himself and knows exactly what it takes to get that shot. 
Check them out at Van Bommel Media. Although it's a dutch website they speak and write English well so don't be afraid to send them an email.

(They editted the Roc d'Azur clip for us, which you can find here.)

Filthy Trails Bikepark

The Filthy Trails is a bikepark for DH/FR/DJ/SS/XC/ENDURO mountainbikes, and was founded in November 2006. There are various trails which are built in different levels so beginners can work on their  bike skills  and  pro’s can have a good day of riding and fun. You will find anything from nice trails, berms, wallrides, banked corners, north shores, gaps, bigger gaps and huge road gaps and north shore drops. There is also the possibility to rent a (Cove STD) FR bike if you want to try out something new. Just have a look at Filthy Trails and maybe we see you there sometime.


Mikeys Bike Adventures

Mikey is a good friend of Canadian Dirt Imports. He provides MTB Clinics in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. His goal is to have more people enjoy the great pleasure of MTB. He offers a wide variety of courses: from entry level XC courses to make you feel more secure on a mountainbike up to professional Downhill and Freeride training. And everything in between of course. So if you are new to the sport, or a hardcore rider who wants to improve his skills and push the limits even further, Mikey is the guy to turn to. Curious? Please have a look at Mikey’s Bike Adventures and see what he has to offer. You will not regret it!  


This stands for Mountainbiking Morgins. MTBM organizes MTB trips specifically aimed at Freeride and Downhill. Their legendary Chalet is based directly at the Morgins DH tracks, in the center of Bikemekka "Les Portes du Soleil". It doesn't matter if you are a experienced DH/FR rider, or you go biking with a chairlift in a bikepark for the very first time. MTBM is there for you! Check out their website for details and trips and check there promo in our Must See TV section, it's worth it!

Freeride 4 Girls

These girls support Freeriding, so we support them! They are also building up a nice collection of Cove bikes and help spread the word. Thnx girls, keep up the good work! To see what they're up to, please visit their website and read all about their adventures. WE LOVE GIRLS WHO LOVE BIKING!


With the name these guys use their passion for road cycling and mountain biking for fundraising for charities.

In 2011 this will be Duchenne Heroes; a 700 km long mountainbike tour starting in Luxemburg and (after 7 days) finishing in the Netherlands.

In this tour they are known as MTB4Duchenne – Team Riding4Kim (Otto and Christy Nussbaumer) and they try to raise as much sponsorship as possible for the Duchenne Parent Project!

Check their website for more information and their supporters! Canadian Dirt Imports supports this great initiative, we hope you will do the same!


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